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As per the request by many of our Parents / Guardians for residential (hostel) facility for our ITI students who are far and near, for academic excellence and disciplined formation, in a homely atmosphere, we avail the facility in an ideal place , totally residential, pollution free environment and aesthetic campus. The Hostel is run and managed by Little Flower ITI. Facilities for Inter-Intracompetitions: Cricket, Volleyball, Football, Badminton etc.


The Primary aim of the Hostel is to provide the boarders with a complete formation emphasizing spirit of love for all mankind and the consequent obligation on all to love God and their fellowmen.

Efforts will be made to ensure the all round and harmonious development of personality and physical powers of the boarders and to foster the civic and national integration and pride in our cultural heritage. Fellowship, fraternity, team spirit, service of others and dignity of labor is given importance along with the technical and intellectual pursuits based on reason, religion and fraternal love.


  • Boarders must join the hostel on the previous day of the day of ITI reopening. Staying away from the Hostel without leave or permission is not accepted.

  • Irregularity, Habitual Idleness, Disobedience will be injurious to the moral tone of the Hostel hence any act of Indiscipline, Insubordination, disrespect to an of the brothers, Wardens, teachers justify suspension and dismissal at any time of the year.

  • Students who fail badly in the examination or in their overall performance in the ITI may be asked to leave the hostel especially if they are found to be non-industrious.

  • Borders are trained to keep their premises clean which is very important part of their formation.

  • No body is allowed to enter or leave without the permission of the Hostel-in-charge.

  • parents are requested to visit their wards only on second Saturday or Sunday of every month. No one is allowed to bring into the boarding friends or relatives without permission.

  • Medium of languages in the hostel : English, Hindi, Odia.

  • Hostels dues should be cleared before 15th of every month.

  • No unnecessary articles should be brought into the Hostel.

  • Use of Drugs and Tobacco in any form is strictly forbidden.

  • Seat reservation for the following year has to be done at the end of the current Scholastic year.

  • Existing rules and regulations may be changed, modified or new ones added for the benefit of all from time to time.

  • The hostel can't make itself responsible for book, money, instruments, tools, cloth and other articles that are lost. The hostellers must look after their own belonging.

  • Misusing and improper handling (any kind of damage) of instruments, equipments, pipes, taps, cots, etc, could lead of severe disciplinary action upto the extent of imposing fines against the accused and will have to be made good.

  • The students who leave the hostel after staying one month should pay the amount of whole month (Year).


All bedding items, clothes stationary and toiled articles, plates, glass, spoon etc.


New Admission Fee  : Rs: 100.00.
Monthly Hostel Fee: Rs: 250.00

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